Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Law Specialist

If you are like most people, you probably never thought you would end up needing to hire a lawyer to help you through a divorce or Ohio family law problem. Now that you are facing the issue squarely in the eye, you probably don't even know where to start.

Let's start by introducing myself. I am attorney Susan Pucci, in Canton. I have been practicing in the area of Ohio divorce and family law for more than 22 years. I am proud to be one of only two Stark County certified family law specialists.* It's a distinction that is earned through years of dedication to family law practice, hundreds of hours in continuing education classes, as well as recognition by peers and clients.

Out Of Respect — You Deserve To Be Kept Informed

"I started with a different lawyer, but I never heard back when I left a message." Every divorce lawyer has heard it and many law firms lose clients because of it. Poor communication is probably the single largest complaint people have about their lawyer. I make it a point to return phone calls and email messages, the same business day whenever possible, but always within 24 hours. It's not only good for building an important client-attorney relationship, I believe that people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Throughout your case, you will receive regular updates and explanations about legal options and decisions that will affect the outcome. You will be informed and empowered to make the critical decisions so important for you and your family.

Let's Start The Conversation About Your Family Law Needs

Am I the right attorney to handle your divorce or family law matter? Let's start by meeting in a personal conversation about your circumstances. I'll explain your options and how I can help guide you through the process. You won't have to worry about being strong-armed into hiring me. If we aren't the right fit for each other, I'll be very honest with you about it.

Call me at 330-497-1300, or contact my offices in Canton by email to arrange an opportunity to meet. I represent clients in Stark County and the surrounding counties in the Canton area.

*Certified by the Ohio State Bar Association Board Of Legal Specialization