Legal Help With A Broad Range Of Ohio Family Law Matters

As a family law specialist,* certified by the Ohio State Bar Association, I have more than 22 years of experience helping individuals and families navigate the Stark County court system and courts in the surrounding counties in the Canton area.

My experience as an Ohio family law attorney includes:

  • Post-divorce judgments: Including modifying child support and spousal support (alimony) payments.
  • Custody issues: Including termination of parental orders, paternity litigation and fathers' rights issues.
  • Support enforcement: Including legal measures to enforce child support and alimony payments, as well as negotiating a workout to help obligors meet the terms of their judgments.
  • Motions to relocate with a custodial child: Including negotiating settlements with the noncustodial parent to resolve disputes.
  • Prenuptial agreements and post-marital contracts: Valid agreements regarding predisposition of personal property as individual property excluded from a property settlement, in the event of divorce.
  • Domestic violence: Including orders of protection and enforcement.
  • Adoption: Including agency adoption and stepparent adoption.

OSBA Board-Certified Family Law Specialist — A Lawyer With A Heart

From my offices in Canton, I advise and represent clients in Ohio family law matters in Stark County and the surrounding counties. Call my offices at 330-497-1300 or send the email contact form with a brief explanation of your legal needs.

*Certified by the Ohio State Bar Association Board Of Legal Specialization